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How do you survive the most damaging six letter words of your life? What about conquering the inner struggle between you and you? This requires the knowledge and courage from someone who has been there before you, someone who openly shares dramatic wins and epic losses in a candid way.


R.J. Windam is that person, more than providing encouragement and hope, he will guide you and your loved ones safely through the treacherous mountain pass and will show you how to avoid prostate cancer pitfalls.

​This podcast is for you, whether you’ve just been diagnosed, are a survivor, or know and love someone who’s going through the same thing. Our three-part podcast is formatted as a Limited Podcast Series that includes:


1. No Appointment Necessary This segment hosts expert guests from all over the world to hear their thoughts and insights.


2. You’re Not Alone The second segment gives voice to loved ones from across the globe who want to share how they coped, stayed hopeful, and overcame challenges together.


3. Lesson Learned The final segment is dedicated to ensuring each listener knows that while cancer can happen to anyone, you have the support to get through the scary, difficult, and even funny moments that come with facing death head-on.

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