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You’re Not Alone
Make Your Voice Heard with YNA

It’s estimated that nearly 80% of men diagnosed with prostate cancer have partners. Are you one of them? Partners of patients are quick to drop their own needs and focus all of their time and energy on the needs of their companions. You’ll often hear answers in the first-person plural: “We opted for this procedure. “We decided XYZ was our best course of action.” But where does this leave you? What about your needs – mental, physical, and emotional?

Have you been to hell and back to be your partner’s sole support structure? To keep him motivated even when you don’t have a positive bone left in your body? Worst of all, do you feel absolutely alone? We’re here to prove that this is never the case – even when you feel like you’re stuck inside a glass bubble of pain, completely isolated and secluded.

YNA, short for You’re Not Alone, proves just that. Think about it. If 80% of men diagnosed with cancer have partners, that’s 800,000 people feeling the same you do for every 1 million men diagnosed. That’s 800,000 women (and men) who spend every waking (and sleeping) breath worrying about the wellbeing of their partners. But when was the last time you thought about yourself?

Self-care isn’t self-centered. You need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others – otherwise, how will you have any energy or strength to give them energy and strength? With YNA, you’ll get the chance to voice your triumphs and struggles on our “Patient to Patient” podcast, you’ll be invited to have your say by leaving a voicemail message, you might even be invited to be a guest on the podcast, and you’ll have a significant influence on future books written by R.J. Windham himself.

Together, we’re stronger. Together, we can fight fiercer.

Together, we’ll never feel alone ever again.
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