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I'm On A Mission To Save The Lives Of Men Around The Globe Form Prostate Cancer Related Deaths


The Testing Saves Lives Project

According to the World Cancer Research Fund International, Zimbabwe, Africa, has the world's highest mortality rate from prostate cancer. This finding is concerning, as it indicates a significant need for increased awareness, screening, and treatment of prostate cancer in Zimbabwe and other countries on their list.

The TSL Project (Testing Saves Lives), founded by cancer activist and prostate cancer survivor R.J. Windham, is asking for your help to raise lifesaving funds for testing, screening, and prostate cancer awareness to save the lives of the men of this richly cultured and scenically beautiful country of Zimbabwe.

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And I`m Living Proof that you too
Survive a Hit and Run
Survive a Terrorist Bombing 
Survive Prostate Cancer
Our Founder

R.J. Windham

To read his story is inspiring. To hear him tell it is motivational. As a child at the age of 5, R. J. Windham was the victim of a hit-and-run accident and left for dead in the middle of the street. He survived. At 26, he was the victim of a bombing of a Train Station, where lives were lost and dozens were injured. He survived.

And in 2019, he was also diagnosed with Prostate cancer and survived that. Today, R. J. Windham sets his sights on saving men around the globe with his Testing Saves Lives Project. To hear his incredible story. CLICK HERE


​Books By R. J. Windham


If You Have Just Heard Those Three Life-Altering Words “You Have Cancer” And Find Yourself in This Uncharted Territory, Here’s the Ultimate Guide You Need to Conquer What You’re Facing!

A Must Have Roadmap To Follow!

Additional Books By R.j Windham

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The Testing Saves Lives Podcast

Host R. J. Windham


Experience an amazing adventure with host R. J. Windham as he takes you on an exclusive audio journey to Zimbabwe, East Africa. Discover the challenges, progress, and essential steps in forming, developing, and executing a global charity through each episode. Join R. J. as he interviews strategic partners, volunteers, and the team of doctors working on the ground to save lives.

Delve deeper into the world of non-profit charities with the "Spotlight" series, where R. J. interviews other organizations and their efforts in making an impact on ovarian, breast, colon, and other cancers, all through the Testing Saves Lives Podcast.

Documentary Film


In the heart of Zimbabwe, Africa, a land of vibrant culture and rich heritage, a silent crisis rages on. It's a crisis that claims lives, shatters families, and leaves behind a trail of suffering. The crisis is prostate cancer, and its grip on this region is merciless. Zimbabwe bears the staggering burden of the world's highest mortality rate from this relentless disease.

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