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Pills Pumps & Pelvic Floors

You Survived Prostate Cancer Surgery And Are Left With The Physical And Mental Aftermath, Now What?


Simply put, not everyone that survives prostate cancer surgery is equipped with the knowledge and resources to pick up the pieces of their shattered life.

Are you confused about where to turn and how to adjust to your new post-prostate reality?

Thankfully, R.J. Windham, a fellow survivor, author, and host, has created "Pills Pumps and Pelvic Floors" to guide you on the right path.

Although prostate cancer surgery can be lifesaving, it can also take a toll on the body. Adjusting to life post surgery can take time and significantly affect mental health.

Being a prostate cancer survivor himself, R. J. Windham wrote this comprehensive book to guide you, help you regain your confidence, improve your daily life, and answer all your questions.

Top 4 Reasons To Read This Outstanding Book Today:

✔  Learn How To Deal With Temporary Impotence and Sexual Dysfunction

✔  Tips For Honesty and Transparency With Your Partner

✔  Explore Ways To Overcome Your Fears And Struggles

✔  Understand That You Are Not Alone

Coming December 2023
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