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Unlocking the 5-Keys To Better Sex Without A Prostate

Have You Survived Prostate Cancer Only to Fear that Your Relationship won’t Survive? Keep Reading for the Best Guide to Coping With Cancer While in a Relationship!

Do you think your prostate cancer is a hindrance to your relationship?

It’s estimated that nearly 80% of men diagnosed with prostate cancer have partners. Are you one of them? Think about it, for every 1 million of us diagnosed, 800,000 relationships are experiencing the strains of recovery, erectile dysfunction, lack of intimacy, and a widening gap in communication.

Many men are too embarrassed to talk about their sex life with their partners, never mind a stranger. If you’re searching for answers to your concerns, you aren’t alone.

Luckily, you stumbled upon the ultimate book that holds the answers you need!

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Unlocking the 5-Keys to Better Sex Without a Prostate is the best book out there if you want a realistic source regarding this topic. In this book, you’ll find:

  • Real Expectations: Learn what post-surgery life is actually like without any suppression, making it decisively relatable

  • Helpful Tips: Learn how to have a more intimate relationship and better sex with your partner

This book is written by a fellow prostate cancer survivor, R.J. Windham, making this book an honest, candid, and relatable read for you.

What do you do when shall we say your equipment physically doesn’t work? Well, everything, of course! What do you do when intimacy has faded?

Coming March 2024
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