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In the heart of Zimbabwe, Africa, a land of vibrant culture and rich heritage, a silent crisis rages on. It's a crisis that claims lives, shatters families, and leaves behind a trail of suffering. The crisis is prostate cancer, and its grip on this region is merciless. Zimbabwe bears the staggering burden of the world's highest mortality rate from this relentless disease.

Amidst the darkness, a beacon of hope emerges: Saving The Sons of The Flame Lily, an initiative by the Testing Saves Project. This is not just a nonprofit endeavor; it's a rallying cry for change, a lifeline for those in desperate need, and a testament to the indomitable spirit of the human will.

Led by the visionary force of R. J. Windham, an inspirational leader who has survived by cheating death three times, including prostate cancer, now turned global advocate, his passion embodies the true spirit of compassion and tenaciousness.

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R.J.'s personal trek through the trials of cancer survival birthed a global nonprofit initiative aptly named "The Testing Saves Lives Project." With unwavering determination, this organization stands at the forefront, determined to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the sons of the flame lily, the men of Zimbabwe, from the grasp of preventable prostate cancer.

The flame lily, Zimbabwe's national flower, symbolizes resilience, fortitude, and growth—attributes that parallel the journey of the men who battle prostate cancer. Every donation to the Testing Saves Lives Project's "Saving The Sons Of The Flame Lily" echoes this symbolism, representing a lifeline extended to those in need. It's not just a contribution; it's an opportunity to be part of a life-saving mission. At its core, this movement is driven by a team of dedicated doctors led by Dr. Nomsa Tsikai, who has taken up the noble fight against prostate cancer in her country. But she can't do it alone. Your support has the power to rewrite the narrative of prostate cancer in Zimbabwe.

Join Our Cause on GoFundMe!   The funds raised by this initiative are directed towards critical aspects of the battle against the disease:

Early Detection and Screening

By providing access to regular screenings and tests, the initiative aims to catch prostate cancer in its early stages when it is most treatable.

Community Awareness

Raising awareness about prostate cancer and its preventability within the local community, erasing the stigma associated with the disease.

Medical Infrastructure

Ensuring that the Testing Saves Lives partner medical facilities in Zimbabwe are equipped with the necessary tools and resources to provide effective care and treatment.

Support Programs

Extending a helping hand to those battling prostate cancer, offering emotional and psychological support alongside medical aid.

Research and Innovation

Investing in research to discover better diagnostic methods, treatments, and potentially a mobile testing vehicle to reach men in the most remote areas of Zimbabwe.


As R. J. Windham often says, "Together, we can rewrite the future for the sons of the flame lily because when we stand united, no battle is too great, and no life is beyond saving." Every dollar contributed to the Testing Saves Lives Project directly impacts the lives of those facing prostate cancer. If you or a loved one has survived cancer, it's your chance to be part of a larger narrative that redefines the possibilities of survival and spreads hope across Zimbabwe. Donate today and become a flame of hope in the fight against prostate cancer.

Visit our GoFundMe page to contribute

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