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Inside the Mind of a Cancer Patient

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Cancer is one thing no one hopes to see arriving at their doorstep. If and when it does, it often does so with thunderous footsteps shaking the doorframe and sometimes the very foundation of the home itself. For many, cancer is something they look at and think, "that can't happen to me..." until it does.

An Honest and Raw Exploration of Life with and Recovery from Prostate Cancer

A unique experience that is difficult to truly picture and imagine if you have not lived through it, Inside the Mind of a Cancer Patient gives a firsthand account of what it's like to survive the Big C. A prostate cancer survivor, R.J. Windham stands triumphant over that battlefield with a pen in hand, documenting the journey from start to finish. Throughout the pages are insights into the thoughts of someone battling prostate cancer with no words minced and no corners cut, hoping to convey the realities of this particular cancer and how it affects one's life.

It is the author's goal to provide a detailed firsthand account for anyone who may be entering their own battle with prostate cancer or has a loved one preparing to undergo treatment. From the first understanding of the symptoms of prostate cancer to the moment he made peace with his diagnosis to his ultimate triumph over it, and beyond hoping to stoke courage with knowledge, this book aims to comfort and support those who are experiencing the turmoil of such a diagnosis.

Between the Covers

Within the pages of Inside the Mind of a Cancer Patient, you'll find intimate, raw details of the journey of the author. Detailed accounts of his day-to-day life, his thought processes, victories and setbacks are poignantly outlined, reading like a personal journal in many places. Many aspects of prostate cancer are explored, with no sensitive topic left out.

Learn about prostate cancer and its relationship to everyday life, including personal details that readers might be too nervous to ask. This includes items such as prostate cancer and sex, including understanding ways to have better sex without a prostate. Information on penile rehabilitation and issues with ED after prostate cancer surgery are explored, as are incontinence issues.

Who is R.J. Windham?

Having previously survived two near-death experiences, first as a hit-and-run victim at the age of five and a victim of a terrorist bombing at the age of 26, R.J. Windham speaks from a unique perspective of surviving three harrowing events with all of the wisdom and knowledge that resulted from them. By way of his YouTube channel, his prostate cancer podcast and his new book, Windham is dedicated to providing other cancer warriors with hope and solidarity as they traverse the tricky landscape of the cancer battlefield. It was also written in hopes of serving as a close companion for those who love someone going through prostate cancer to help them better relate to and support the patient.

A deeply moving and at times charming and spirited tale, Inside the Mind of a Cancer Patient is a story of hope, perseverance and honesty with oneself that is invaluable to anyone in a similar situation.

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